LEFT HANDED CHRISTIANITY, 8¼”x 5½”, copied, 7 pgs. (and three pages of mail art)

May 23, 2018

A short pamphlet that discusses subversive Christianity of the sort practiced by William Blake and the Process Church. Way short, but interesting. Included in the envelope was a one pager titled, Albany: Are Those Tulips in Your Shoes?, which recommends radical anarchists work within the system: “You don’t have to quit the Green Party. Of course not, you can even run for local office while distributing Crimethinc. literature.” Okay, sure, but then he goes on to say, “Why not a Police Collective” and suggests, “maybe you can fight racism by joining the Klan? Work within the system, right?” Now that last question he poses suggests that this might be sarcasm, but it’s really hard to tell. Or if it is. If it’s not, that’s just downright fucked up. Fortunately, I have some familiarity with the author’s work, and I have a feeling it’s failed satire and it’s not asking anarchists to organize the pigs. Jason Rodgers tends to send out an envelope containing a number of loose pages of collage, brief essays, and political fliers. If this sounds interesting to you, send him a buck. You’ll probably get a whole different lot than I did. Just ask him not to include the Albany one. –Craven Rock (Jason Rodgers, PO Box 10894, Albany, NY 12201)