.LEAVES: …Bleibt Das Jetzt Für Immer?: LP

Mar 15, 2022

Oh hi, you had me at “screamin’ emo German antifascist hardcore,” gentlemen. This shit riiiips. Lyrics are in German, but from what I can gather it’s a nice mix of the personal and political, and goddamn, it’s solid. If you’re into oldish European stuff like Fingerprint or Ivich or Sugar Pie Koko, bands that toe the line between melody, hardcore, and the intricacy of screamo—stuff that relies heavily on start/stop and quiet/loud dynamics—you’ll be so down with this one. This type of stuff is hard to pull off and goddamn, .Leaves do it incredibly well. This record’s gonna get a lot of plays around here. Definitely my favorite if this review batch. –Keith Rosson (Subzine, [email protected])