LAZY SUNDAY: Another Summer: LP

Mar 19, 2024

Extremely endearing, melancholy, slice-of-life pop punk (it’s possible that “endearing, melancholy, slice-of-life” is just a description of pop punk?). Lazy Sunday have two great vocalists, and a knack for melody and grit, and even their obvious punk moves feel fresh. There’s a sense that the band is bringing in other influences, too—a little Shop Assistants, maybe some Anna Burch or Shep Treasure. Every song feels smart and legit, like they’re earning every emotional turn, honing in on the complex weather of their inner lives. Another Summer is often one of those records where if you’re young, you’ll hear the most poetic, charming, relatable parts of yourself reflected back, and if you’re older, you’ll find yourself briefly returned to an age you thought you’d left behind. –Matt Werts (Salinas,

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