LAZY CLASS: Pressure Rising: 7” EP

Nov 22, 2017

From Poland comes Lazy Class and their melodic oi, rife with the typical themes one expects but leaving the sound to tread where it wants. The opening track, “Pressure Rising,” is begging to have a crowd yelling the chorus back at the band. As the record moves on to track two, “Before the Dawn,” it’s hard not to feel pleasantly jarred by the shift in tone—while not unnatural, it’s a different sound that feels like an oi band opening for AFI. The final track, “Remote Control,” is fast, fun, carries a good bass line, and clocks in as the shortest song on the record, which feels a little mean! Either way, three very oi songs that may convince those of us who aren’t so into the usual offerings. ¬–Nicole X (Spirit Of The Streets)