LAW/LESS: Demo 2017: CS

Jan 31, 2018

UK82 is kind of weird term, honestly. Is it oi or anarcho punk or fuzzed-out UKHC? It could really mean any of those things, and I like that there are bands like Law/Less that borrow parts of each. The core of the band is definitely the anarcho side of things, the mid-tempo drum beats and blown-out vocals are obviously coming from somewhere—and I imagine that bands like The System, Blitzkrieg, and early Rudimentary Peni make up the basis of that sound—but they’re moving in a new direction. These five songs are the product of a fresh band, but they don’t sound like a product of a naïve band. The songs move in five different directions and skirt the tendency to paint a project in a corner though limited influences and a small thinking. This demo is great but I’m more excited to see what they do in the future. –Ian Wise (