May 31, 2017

Is the band obsessed with a drawing of a skull by a person named Latishia, or did they choose it because the initials of the name spell out “LSD”? The fact that some of their stuff reminds me of latter day Black Flag makes me think it’s not so much the former. And it’s not that the songs are long, as they aren’t—the record plays at 45 RPM and has nine tracks—but rather that they splice in that psychotic circus guitar noodling. And truthfully, without that shit, I don’t know how memorable this would be, as Romanticized is filled with abrasive hardcore that sounds like it could have reared its head at any time over the last coupla decades. The lyrics are also pretty decent, kind of a poetic take on the common dread and pain of life theme. –Vincent (Iron Lung)

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