Aug 01, 2019

Two takes on absurdist goofball punk. Last Sons Of Krypton aim low and mostly hit their mark. They come off like small-towners who’ve heard a lot of records, read some books, watched some TV. There’s a vague sense that they’re kidding around but there are no actual laughs. The Foamers? are weirder, funnier, and more compelling. “I Drew a Dumbass” starts their side, and it’s hyper and deconstructive and not all that serious (“Suck a saltlick/ hide a nosepick/ wait ta get sick/ wait wait til you diiiie/ Snort a snowcone/ smoke a o-zone/ just go home/ go hide”), which doesn’t prepare you for the for-real despair and mania and confusion that shows up later on. They almost go from Devo to Black Flag lyrically, while staying lo-fi and raw rock-oriented musically. You could call it inconsistent, though I’d argue it’s oddly revealing. –Matt Werts (Plant Music Record Company,

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