LAST RITES: Fascism Means War: 7” EP

Jan 18, 2017

Turns out that this here record is a reissue of a record from 1984, which explains how they got away with the name (you know, since there was the Boston Last Rights with Choke) and a song about nuclear conflict with the Soviets. Anyhow, Last Rites were a British group and they have a sound that comports with their place in time. Reminds me of Chaos U.K. in a good way. The music itself still sounds good. However, while one song is about corrupt politicians using might as right and another is about world peace, the previously mentioned song about nuclear conflict with Soviets feels outdated, as does the track about being profiled by cops for being a punk/skin. Though outdated, they are still a reflection of the time. Pretty good overall. –Vincent (Loud Punk)

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