LAST PICKS, THE: If We Get Picked at All: CS

Aug 02, 2017

There’s this sort of ‘90s resurgence happening all over Seattle music. It’s difficult to explain without pigeon-holing bands into something that doesn’t totally apply to them. In my own head I’ve been calling it Lisa Frank punk because it’s childish (in a good way), colorful, messy, and all-out fun. Last Picks fall into this category by writing songs that are so simple that you don’t even notice. Lyrics are easily describable and just repetitive enough to have you singing along after one listen. They’re also somewhat sloppy and intentionally nerdy. For example, the first track “Arcade Bro” deals with a subject near and dear to me—playing pinball! The tune is calling out dudes who hassle women at arcades ‘cause the bros are trying to get laid when we just want to get high scores. The other four tracks cover topics, such as ants and suicide pacts, that are sure to become ear worms in no time. Plus the band really lives up to their name by dressing in awkward-fitting athletic gear and looking like they’d rather do shots than take them. –Kayla Greet (Den Tapes)