Last Night at the Casino, Volume 2 By Billy McCall, 414 pgs.

Sep 22, 2023

This smaller-than-digest-sized book collects nearly a decade’s worth of Billy McCall’s zine recounting his adventures as a casino employee. It’s fun to see how the writing improved over time, with the earlier issues in the collection focusing on fun but fairly shallow observations about casino life, such as frustration over having to wear dress shoes or dealing with people bringing guns onto the premises. The later issues maintain the anecdotal approach, but go a bit deeper or explore the subject in ways that only someone who has written about it for so many years can, from navigating intense advances from coworkers and the balance of flattery and discomfort that comes with that, to a really interesting visit to a casino in Spain and comparing its atmosphere to casinos back in the states. In between are comic collaborations and even tips on how to cheat at a casino! As someone who has only been to casinos a few times, mostly for shows, this was a really interesting read. –Emma Alice Johnson (Bunny Ear Production)

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