LAST MILE, THE: Respect the Frequency: CD

Sep 22, 2022

With the 2021 vinyl version released on Rad Girlfriend Records now sold out, an international collaboration featuring labels from Canada, Scotland, Germany, and Japan have now released The Last Mile’s Respect the Frequency on CD. For those who have not heard the album, this trio from Montreal knocks out anthemic, melodic punk where hearts are being worn squarely on sleeves and choruses are there to be joined in with. Respect the Frequency is a good example of how to make a big-sounding record without stifling it through an overblown production. Despite some melancholy lyrics and subject matter, this makes me stand taller and feel good when listening to it. There’s a great shorter track, “Nice Knowing You,” about keyboard warriors which froths with anger and which, unfortunately, will probably be relevant for years, seeing how people just stir shit from the safety of their own—or parents’—home. Also props must be given for the inclusion of a saxophone on “SCCS,” an addition which really does sound great as part of the song. This CD version includes two extra tracks from a 2020 single as a bonus. –Rich Cocksedge (Make-That-A-Take, [email protected], / Waterslide, [email protected], / Keep Hope Productions, / Keep It A Secret, [email protected],