LAST GANG, THE: Sing for Your Supper: 7”

Mar 20, 2018

Leave it to Fat to consistently sign bands that aren’t simply from California, but sincerely look like they’re from traditional, punk rock California. Nail on the head —literally, no misinterpretation—ever. And hey, at least they’re keeping it close to home. The Last Gang is no exception to the rule; thoroughly in style, sound, and consistency. Both tunes on this single do not fall far from the tree, and is it always nice to see a three-piece (!) in this day and age. As much as I hate to play this card, these tracks are very reminiscent of The Distillers or Bay Area-style, faced-paced, standard punk. This rips just as hard as every comparable release by contemporary artists of the same ilk. The Last Gang pull it off. Fat fans won’t be disappointed. –Steve Adamyk (Fat,