LASSIE: Collected Cassettes: LP

Feb 06, 2020

While this German band seems to self-identify more as a trash rock + synth combo, I see them more as straight-up 1981-style new wave. I suppose if you come from a country where the gold standard of new waviness is the über-androidal Kraftwerk, even relatively cold-blooded outfits like Devo would seem like the Candy Snatchers by comparison, so presumably the genre has a much more restrictive entry policy over there. Side A, comprising 2017’s immortal Yes! Like the Dawg cassette, is indeed a bit more guitar-based and trashy, coming off like the Spits, or any Killed By Death-era loners who used a synth because nobody told them it was uncool yet. Were Side B, featuring the material from the more recent Just a Couple of Dudes cassette, to be polished up a tad, it could easily fit right in on the Urgh! A Music War soundtrack. And not in a Toyah Wilcox/Klaus Nomi way, either—it slots right in with the Athletico Spizz 80s and the Oingo Boingos of the world. Herky-jerky, but not to a fault; once in a while they sound like the late, great Brainiac. This is reasonably high praise. The only problem with this band is that I have to let them outside twice a day to poop. BEST SONG: “Zegway Cop.”BEST SONG TITLE: “Tiger in My Tank.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: I’ve never seen a German guitarist wearing a Boy Scouts of America uniform shirt on stage before.Rev. Nørb (Phantom,