Jan 21, 2022

I mean, it’s okay, you know? Half a dozen tracks—a KISS cover, a U.K. Subs cover, various songs he’s done with his non-Rancid bands—all done acoustically, sometimes with minor accompaniment. I feel like reviewing an EP like this is almost moot, anyway—people who want this are gonna grab it regardless of what a dipshit like me says about it. I would like to pose this question though—if Frederiksen’s name wasn’t attached to this, if it was just some random dude who’d recorded these songs—would folks be lending as much abject worship to it? Ultimately, this just sounds like a guy kinda bored during lockdown, and putting it out on thousands of double-sided 12”s feels a bit self-indulgent. (Though Frederiksen admittedly has enough fans to warrant it.) Anyway, at the risk of editorializing, I’ll just say that if some random punk named, like, Joey Buttnuts put these songs out on a demo tape, I don’t think most folks would blink twice at it, and that’s coming from someone who still enjoys some of the music this guy’s made. –Keith Rosson (Pirates Press)

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