LARRY MULLINS + MIKE WATT: 1970 (Parts One & Two): 7”

Jan 26, 2021

Here’s how much I liked this one: as me and my wife listened to it on my birthday, I convinced myself that the Larry Mullins in question was that fucking guy from U2. I don’t hate too much music, but man, I cannot fucking stand U2, or what they represent. And here was Watt playing a Stooges cover with a guy from that goddamn band. I ran through all sorts of justifications in my head: maybe U2 were Stooges fans; the pandemic is especially tough on travelling musicians so Watt must need the cash which is okay because he’s fucking Watt, dammit! As I tried to sorta mentally get around the fact that one of my favorites was playing with the epitome of everything I despise about the so-called entertainment industry, I also had to deal with the fact that this record kicks ass. Some unholy brand of wah-wah fuzz sax replaced Iggy’s vocals, a kind of reverse Peter Frampton who I also kinda despise (but nowhere near as much as the aforementioned band from Ireland, you understand), but despite this, we were rapt throughout both sides. When the slab ended, I checked the ‘net and found out that this Larry Mullins is not that Larry Mullen (who is a junior). But I was prepared to endorse this even if the guy from U2 was on it. That’s how good it is. A Record Store Day release, mine on red and yellow colored vinyl. –Michael T. Fournier (Org Music)

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