LAPeCHE: Spirit Bunnies: 7” EP

Apr 08, 2019

I will never not be excited for something new that LAPeCHE puts out. These three songs are right in that vein of previous releases Bright and Bending and The Second Arrow, foregrounding songwriting and building texture in a way that usually draws comparisons to a variety of shoegazey contemporaries. And though I totally see that element, I always feel like I’m hearing a really tight mash-up of great ’70s folk like Joni Mitchell, ’80s dark wave like Depeche Mode, and ’90s dance pop grunge like Artificial Joy Club. This EP is incredibly layered, bringing out more guitar work to complement Krista Holly Diem’s seemingly effortless and heart wrenching vocals. Incredibly well-paced, this will be in heavy rotation. –Theresa W. (Bakery Outlet)