LAPÊCHE: The Second Arrow: LP

Nov 22, 2017

I’ve been waiting for this full length since the moment I heard the first song off their 2016 Bright and Bending EP. I’m torn between being sad that I’ll never get to hear this again for the first time and being impatient at the idea of having to wait during the day for the chance to listen to it again. I legitimately snuck my office door shut to listen clandestinely. This LP shows that the earworm melodic qualities of that first release weren’t an accident, but songs like “Don’t Forget” and “Within the Structure” ease us into darker, more introspective territory. The lyricism on here is masterful, like a post-punk Rosanne Cash or if Jawbox was fronted by Suzanne Vega. The balance between brightness and depth that these folks achieve is something I will envy forever and I know already that this record will get me through some serious shit. –Theresa W. (Bakery Outlet,