LANDOWNER: Consultant: LP

Dec 03, 2020

There must be a term for finding out about a band after you move out of their area, right? I lived in Western Massachusetts for more than five years, but never came across Landowner at Flywheel or Cold Spring Hollow or any of the other local DIY spots during that time. What a bummer! I doubtlessly woulda bugged the ever-living shit out of this Holyoke five-piece if I knew about ’em during my WMA tenure. Their frenetic, tightly-wound jitter screeds against capitalism and the accrual of generational wealth hit me right in the same sweet spot as a band like Uranium Club (though minus the Ulysses-style conceptual art) or Big Crux or Ketman, all bands whose shared similarity is a devotion to a singular vision. I would have been a hopeless fanboy, following these dudes around from basement to basement, pestering them with questions about their record collections and effects pedals. Seriously, if you like it even a little bit obtuse, Landowner is your band. Tremendous. –Michael T. Fournier (