LAMMPING: Stars We Lost: 12” EP

May 24, 2022

It’s interesting to get the opportunity to review stuff that isn’t necessarily one of my go-to genres. Lammping are from Toronto and have been holding it down in the psych/stoner rock world for a bit now. Right off the hop I was taken by the cover painting. Four “Beach Boys-esque”-looking guys atop a VW van on the beach… with black hoods over their faces. Ominous and compelling. I think that art influenced my mindset going into the record as the first track eased me into a fuzzed-out ’60s thing that I enjoyed. I was also reminded of Beck a bit. I have to admit that the rest of the songs on this single-sided 12” kind of faded off into the background for me. I didn’t dislike them by any means, they were just there. Love that cover art though. –Ty Stranglehold (We Are Busy Bodies)