Where to begin? Honestly, with a band that (amongst a small handful of others) define a record label and a subgenre? Lagwagon has lived, loved, and certainly been through a lot. Yet somehow, they remain one of the select few from the era that never stopped. Thirty straight years is no easy accomplishment. Having unintentionally overlooked a selection of their records over the years, there live show a while back (their first time in Ottawa) exceed my expectations. Sure, the band is now comprised of not one, but three former members of RKL (obvious points scored there), including the mastermind Chris Rest, but they’re a force to be reckoned with. Railer is reflective of that statement in the present day. From start to finish, it’s a testament to the fact that this band (and Fat) have persevered and are where they are for a reason. My good friend thinks this may be the best Lagwagon record and while that’s a bold statement, I’m not about to argue, either. –Steve Adamyk (Fat,