LADYGOD: Rock N Roll Kaliphate: CD

Jan 31, 2018

This is the first full length album from the garage psych band Ladygod. Surprisingly, this record opens with some exploration in the psychedelic folk genre. And hey, it does it pretty well! The opening song, “Pretty Clean Tramp,” is laid back and lazy in the best possible way. The meandering vocals work very well with the sluggish rhythm guitar. Things get a bit more aggressive—but just a bit—in the next few tracks, where similar vocals are laid over some noisier riffs. The song “Can’t Go Wrong” is a sort of midpoint between noise, garage, and pop music, complemented by the vocals being distorted in a perfectly fitting way. This band has multiple vocalists, male and female, who seem to all match each other, and the music, with their lethargic droning. Things get more emotional in songs like “Talking to Myself,” while avoiding cringe-inducing angst that could have emerged had the execution been handled poorly. Finally, “Running Scared” features noisy instrumentation that becomes more chaotic as the song progresses. Ultimately, this is an incredibly lethargic, psychedelic, noisy garage album and it is fantastic. Fans of the genre, or those looking for an album to jam on a lazy day, would very likely enjoy this album. –Anna Farr (Bossy Lil Thing,