LA TUYA: Self-titled: CD

Mar 20, 2018

The three members of La Tuya all have strong links with the various L.A. punk scenes, and should be considered as punk veterans given their respective lengths of service in and around the world of punk. Such backgrounds mean that they have all the nous and understanding of what makes great music and they use that to good effect on this debut release. I had no idea of what to expect, but the first track, “Salvation,” was all I needed to hear to know that I was going to get along with La Tuya. Songs range from thrashy punk through to the more tuneful tracks—all of which work extremely well—but it is the highly melodic “Tribes” which gets me tingling all over. Not only is this the lengthiest track but it’s so bright and effervescent, containing hints of Descendents and The Last, that it’s jammed fast in my head now, unlikely to relinquish its spot for some time. This might not be the easiest CD to track down, as it’s a limited run, but I urge anyone with a love of L.A./So Cal punk to make the effort to do so. This is one of the best albums I’ve heard in a while. –Rich Cocksedge (Self-released,