LA PÊCHE: Bright and Bending: 12” EP

May 31, 2017

A pretty all-star lineup takes up some good elements on this quick little EP. Singer/songwriter Krista Holly is joined by husband Dave Diem of Twelve Hour Turn, Jeff Gensterblum of Small Brown Bike, Drew DeMaio of Strikeforce Diablo, and vocalist Keio Ichinose to make five impressive tracks which whet the pallet for more, just like a good EP should do. The songwriting incorporates some good folk elements, especially the layered and harmonized vocals. Combined with lilting shoegaze-inspired production and some alt-country leads, Holly’s earnest and haunting vocals bring this to a place that’s almost like The Good Life, with moments of surreal beauty that is tinged with something harrowing. It’s a great guided trip through the discomfort of facing changing seasons and is a testament to what can be done with careful, potent songwriting that doesn’t need to be sparse to be direct. –Theresa W. (Bakery Outlet,

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