L.A.M.F.: Live at the Bowery Electric: CD

Mar 20, 2018

This reminds me of those moments at music award ceremonies where some legendary performers take the stage in what promises to be an epic moment in music history, only for it to fizzle and sputter out. This is no different. Everyone on this are from bands we all love and think the world of, but this has none of what makes them the exceptional musicians they are. Walter Lure from the Heartbreakers recruited Tommy Stinson, Cheetah Chrome, Wayne Kramer, Clem Burke, and a few others to commemorate the fortieth anniversary of the release of L.A.M.F., and you would expect them to pull it off with aplomb. But this just sounds tepid and dialed in. No energy, no fire, and no attitude. –Matt Average (Jungle, jungle-records.net)