KURT STIFLE AND THE SWING SHIFT: The Pilgrims’ Guide to the River of Salvation: CD

Mar 20, 2018

The Pilgrims’ Guide to the River of Salvation is an interesting, diverse album. Some songs remind me of material from a movie soundtrack (“The Baptist,” “Ritual Cleanse”) while other tunes reminded me of old Okkervil River (“Oh, Pilgrim”), and still others were bluesy rock (“Swampee”). The music they play is competent and can get your foot tapping or put you in the space they want you to be in. It’s strange to have such disconnection through the music, though. There aren’t many Kurts out there—so it’s rough to be critical of what one of us is doing—but I just can’t quite get into this. –Kurt Morris (Pitiful, facebook.com/kurtstifle)