May 20, 2019

Kristen Peckham has a beautiful, velvety voice, and shows what she can do with it on this album. The opening song “My Favorite Spot” sounds like a song a seasoned lounge singer would be belting out at the piano in a dimly lit dinner spot. The album showcases Peckham’s talent with accompanying instruments such as a banjo, ukulele, synthesizer, and bass, amongst others. KP Time! seems like a portfolio of different genres Peckham can perform, as opposed to a cohesive album telling a story. There is an alternating mix of R&B, rock’n’roll, folk, with a heavy singer/songwriter element. I couldn’t get a clear vision of what Kristen Peckham is about, but I did like how soulful, honest, and a little freaky she got as she sang, “If your ass is made of chocolate, can I eat it?” on “Candy Lady.” My favorite track was definitely bass heavy punk track “Pizza,” a song that ends with more honesty; chanting about getting diarrhea from eating pizza. –Cynthia Pinedo (