KNOW-IT-ALL ASSHOLE JERK, $5 ppd., 6½” x 8½”, 54 pgs.

Apr 10, 2019

Despite what the cover and title may lead one to believe, this isn’t a Breakfast Club or Judd Nelson fanzine. This zine is instead a collection of short, true stories from Adel Souto’s Know-It-All Asshole Jerk blog that deal with the strange and out of the ordinary. The subject matter focuses more on art world oddities, spectacularly elaborate pranks, and decidedly unique individuals rather than the paranormal, but there’s more than enough to make one go on multiple internet deep dives to find out more on most of the stories. This actually makes me think a lot of the type of stuff that Ripley’s Believe It or Not would cover. All the stories inside caught my interest, with some ones that really stuck with me, including the tale of the Ovechkin family who made a jump from being a family Dixieland jazz band in Russia to armed terrorists, Charles Mingus’s detailed instructions for toilet training cats, and the story performance artist John Duncan’s Blind Date piece which… well you just have to read about it. –Adrian Salas (,, [email protected])