Aug 02, 2017

This band is largely a Thee Milkshakes tribute band, and having already been a cursory fan of Billy Childish and his work with Thee Headcoatees, this was blasting in a garage right up my alley. If we’re comparing these covers to the originals, they stack up in so many ways. This four piece from Seattle, Wash. are completely nailing the vocal delivery, lo-fi production, art style, and attitude. While all members share in the singing duties, it’s guitarist Robby Splinter who’s carrying the Childish torch the most. His gruff, breathy delivery is as close as it gets to replicating the U.K. rock’n’roll Renaissance man. I know for certain that the songs on the B-side are covers of Thee Milkshakes, but I’m unsure about the tracks on the flipside. While I do rather enjoy simplistic, dancey, and easily consumable garage rock, there are still echoes of problematic subject matter. For example in “Don’t Love Another” Childish (originally) threatens to chop off the hand of his romantic partner if she’s caught holding hands with another man. Is there a way to pay tribute to a seemingly innocuous band while also not perpetuating acts of violence and abuse in relationships? I’m not sure if it’s up to The Knights Of Trash to rally to that calling, but I’d be remiss if I failed to mention that. But if you’re a fan of tunes ala The Sonics, The Mummies, and The Cramps, this is an EP that’ll be right at home in your collection. –Kayla Greet (Static)