Nov 28, 2016

I told myself I wasn’t gonna alliterate, buuuut: Pummeling, precise, downright pretty at times. Powerviolence pitched against screamo. (Okay, I’m done.) Seriously solid stuff that avoids at least one major pitfall by not having the gruff Cookie Monster dude come in and bark all over what really is some pretty amazing music. Converge seems like a solid jumping-off point. Wire-tight, unrelenting, brutal. The lyrics to me are a little silly. (Sorry, I just have a hard time taking seriously any band who sings in Latin and talks about “monoliths” and “ripped flesh” and “our cosmic mother,” but it’s not like you can understand what they’re saying anyway.) If potential D & D flashbacks don’t bug you, these guys are more than solid. –Keith Rosson (Dead Tank)