Jan 31, 2018

The intro is hard to peg on this one. Is this going to be black metal? Screamo? Post rock? Epic crustcore? A minute and a half in and we could really be going in any direction here. Is my turntable at the wrong speed? Is this a doom record? I’m going to switch over the 45RPM. It didn’t help. I think I like this but I’m still not even sure what it is. The drums are thudding now and I think it’s like that one Kylesa record, Time Will Fuse Its Worth. So here we are, still on the intro, but I know I’m gonna like it whenever it starts. Oh wait, 45 RPM was definitely the right speed. Now we’ve got some weirdo dissonant riffs like Pg. 99. This is still a weird one, the music ebbing and flowing, achieving that awkward sound where the drummer is hitting blast beats but it somehow sounds like they’re not playing fast, offset but driving beats and spacey breakdowns. This is good, really good. Fucked up and weird but not pretentious or conflated. Fans of the Robotic Empire catalog take note. –Ian Wise (Dead Tank)