KNIFE CLUB: Our Club, Our Rules: LP/CD

May 15, 2023

One has to hand it to Knife Club. This is a band which keeps fans on their toes, never quite sure what might be coming next. After one album of out-and-out punk, followed by one of electronic dance music, I had no idea what Our Club, Our Rules might offer. Fortunately, it’s closer to original output, but this time with added keytar. Yes, you read that correctly. Knife Club now has keys and it’s an excellent addition, creating a vibrant, melodic, yet definitely punk sound I’m really enjoying. The upbeat music is, in many cases, a complete opposite to the subject matter of the songs with lyrics focusing on issues such as female visibility in the punk scene, mental health, and depression. A much-welcomed return to form from Knife Club. –Rich Cocksedge (Knife Club, [email protected] / TNS, [email protected], / Kink, [email protected], / D.I.Y. Kolo, [email protected], / 5FeetUnder, [email protected], / No Time, / Geenger, [email protected], / Deadlamb, [email protected], / Aktiver Ausstand In Plastic)

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