KNIFE CLUB: Club Classics: LP/CD

Jul 20, 2022

Knife Club’s 2020 release, We Are Knife Club, was a raucous collection of punk rock songs, which, although not groundbreaking, provided a good twenty-odd minute listen, as it still does today. Club Classics, however, is a totally different record in many ways. I applaud the band for pushing the boundaries of what it’s doing, as releasing an album of songs which have been remixed and reimagined as dance tracks is a massive change in direction. Unfortunately I’m not a fan of dance music so virtually the whole record does nothing for me. In fact, the only bits I can get into are when the vocalists are doing their thing, but even then due to the dance element, these are not as the original vocal versions were. I’m guessing that there must be a market for this, otherwise why spend money releasing such an album, but I’m not in that demographic. A rare TNS fail for me. –Rich Cocksedge (TNS,

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