KNEST: Honorary Bachelors of Arts: CD

Aug 25, 2016

Dissonant and minimal, each completely improvised song of Knest’s debut album perfectly leads into the next. Honorary Bachelors of Arts was recorded in (what must have been) one incredibly exhausting day, and the fourteen free-form jazz-inspired tracks take you on a journey through a dense and treacherous sonic forest. Impressively, Knest is comprised of only three members. Piano, saxophone, guitar, cello, vibraphone, and marimba make up just a few of the fourteen instruments used to build their eerie, shadowy tone. At times veering toward the modern and groovy, like current reigning jazz lords BadBadNotGood and The Bad Plus, and at other times reminiscent of Jonny Greenwood’s cinematic solo work, Knest has a scarily keen knack for composition. –Simone Carter (Self Sabotage,

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