Sep 23, 2016

The self-described experimental pop folk duo Kleinerwasserbär consists of Jon Meador (cello, guitars, piano, vocals) and Richard Wehrenberg, Jr. (guitars, keyboards, piano, vocals). There is an almost deliberate lo-fi vibe to this recording, but all the instruments and vocals are very clear. Kleinerwasserbär’s sound is very chill and mellow, but has a strength to it that held my attention. I think it’s the prominence of Meador and Wehrenberg, Jr.’s vocals at the front of the mix. When you crank the volume on this, you get the feeling that they are right there in the room with you. Not the sort of thing that I usually get down with, but I really dig it. –Paul J. Comeau (Let’s Pretend, letspretendrecords.com)

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