KINOGRAM #1: UNCLE JERRY, $5, 7” x 7”, full color, 20pgs.

Sep 16, 2021

Listen, I’m a sucker for a love letter. S, I hope you don’t mind my calling this that—all I mean to say is that I’m deeply touched by the sheer tenderness and reverence put into this zine. Kinogram #1 shares remembrances of the author’s late Uncle Jerry, who sounds like a character and a half. Mukherji weaves reflection and remembrance together well, not leaving out the mess of relationships. Loving and abusive, Jerry was a part of/subjected to—not as insurmountable tragedy—but as part of a long and storied life. The art, taking about half of each page, lends a mystique to the story, or rather, deepens it, and shows the level of contemplation and care at hand. Thank you, S, for sharing this eulogy with the rest of us. –jimmy cooper (S.A. Mukherji, 1375 Mecklenburg Rd., Ithaca, NY 14850)