KING-CAT COMICS AND STORIES #77, $5, 5 ½” x 8 ½”, copied, 40 pgs.

Sep 20, 2017

John Porcellino has been writing, illustrating, and self-publishing King-Cat Comics since 1989. Through a series of autobiographical vignettes, issue 77 explores his relationship with animals: a possum plays dead in his backyard, a yellow-jacket stings his crotch, and he spots a big cat while on the road on two separate occasions. Porcellino’s minimal black-and-white illustrations capture his childlike awe during every animal encounter. For example, he and his sister watch, mouths agape, as their pet caterpillar becomes a butterfly. When a cougar strolls alongside the road, his wide-eyed expression—comprised of a few simple shapes and lines—says so much with so little. There’s profound narrative power in stripping things down to their essential elements. And so, these thoughtful and serene moments epitomize the brilliance of King-Cat Comics; every experience—no matter how mundane—is valuable, meaningful, and worthy of documentation. After reading King-Cat Comics for the first time, I wanted to make my own minicomic, and that’s one of the greatest compliments you can give any creator: seeing what you do makes me want to do that, too. –Sean Arenas (Spit And A Half, PO Box 142, So. Beloit, IL 61080,