KIDS ON FIRE: Songs in the Key of Bummer: CD

Sep 26, 2019

These guys have been a band for what feels like forever, but haven’t done a lot of physical output. I’ve seen them play countless times for close to a decade, and now I’m finally hearing these songs (as well as some new ones) the way they were meant to sound. Because sometimes, or most times, what’s kicking through a punk bar/house/venue’s speakers isn’t always the best quality. So now that I’m revisiting songs that I’ve heard many, many times, I’ve developed a new appreciation for them. Both of the guitar players share vocal duties, and while each is great, Mikey really has a set of pipes on him. The lion’s share of songs is about how to exist through a cloud of booze-fueled anxiety. Or is it anxiety-fueled drinking? A collection of melodic, gritty, honest songs that would fit right at home with a fan of Off With Their Heads. But then they also have a goofy track about a shark gun. –Kayla Greet (Tiny Dragon Music)