Jan 05, 2022

Not convinced by the name, but what the hell, musically this isn’t bad at all. Aside from the short intro and outro, this features five tracks which refuse to all fit into one pigeonhole. The intro is fairground music which leads into “Coconuts,” a rollicking, keyboard-driven track which is eminently catchy, with the lyrics delivered in the style of a circus barker. “Revolution” and “Media” are rockier efforts whilst “SFW” has a more new wave/post-punk/funk feel and is my favorite song on the EP. “Rise” offers up a bit of a change as it includes vocals by Rachel Reeves, which is a good variation that works well. There’s definitely a sense of fun to this band but it’s accompanied by a clear sense of social awareness too, which balances things nicely. –Rich Cocksedge (STP, [email protected],

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