Apr 08, 2019

This is the second time Kepi has teamed up with an awesome band to redo an entire Ghoulies record. While there have been some reissues of the early records, this is a complete re-recording, a re-animation if you will. Before this, Kepi got together with The Accelerators to do Fun in the Dark and it was like giving the Mona Lisa a facelift—like when people remove any built-up gunk on masterpieces, refresh the colors, and restore a work of art in order to preserve it. This re-do of Re-Animation is just as fantastic, if not more so. What’s crazy to me is that this re-imagining of one of my favorite records (scout’s honor—my second tattoo ever was based off this record), actually makes me like The Copyrights more. I mean, I always enjoyed them just so, but in this record I can hear those harmonized backup vocals and heavy guitar tones. I honestly can’t get over how good those backup vocals are. It sounds much like you might guess—a Copyrights record with Kepi singing Ghoulies songs. They add in some fun space laser sounds too. Kepi once told me about a time he was playing a solo show in Europe and as he was getting set up, the venue was playing Ghoulies songs over the PA in between bands. So he took that opportunity to do karaoke to his own songs. This is analogous to that experience, but even better. Somehow it’s so damned familiar and completely brand new at the same time. It’s the Kepirights. A must have for a fan of either, or both. –Kayla Greet (Stardumb)


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