KEPI AND FRIENDS: Full Moon Forever: LP

Mar 10, 2023

Kepi Ghoulie, still prolific, still touring, still at it with Full Moon Forever. Kepi’s undeniable ’90s folkie pop punk, with a throwback sound that’s still current and fresh. Side A begins with “Hero,” easily this album’s anthem, with melodic guitar and bratty vocals which are soft spoken with an edge. All tunes on this record are driven by punk power chords. At times tom-heavy, the songs are driven by Kepi’s endearing lyrics about “international garbage men,” how “she moves among the flowers,” and “when rattlesnakes lose their skins and their hearts.” Side B starts with the fuzzed, harmonica-laden “Since You’re Gone,” which is a strumming ballad, and offers another slower, more twangy “Andy’s Chest,” but picks up with “Don’t Worry Children.” I like. –Camylle (Pirates Press / Kepi Land)

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