KEEP TRACK OF THE TIME: 2015/16 COLLECTION, 5 ½” x 8 ½”, 42 pgs.

Nov 22, 2017

Here we have a black and white pop punk fanzine with text up to the edge of the margins, a Mitch Clem comic on page one, an interview with Hallie from The Unlovables, and it’s stapled in such a way that I can’t quite open some of the pages. I know a guy in town, Bradley, who lives for pop punk (he runs and my copy of Keep Track of the Time is going straight to him. My favorite part was a comic on the back cover, and I wish the rest of the zine had such eye-grabbing design. So here’s the comic: A door guy is being yelled at by a gorilla who wants to get into the show. The gorilla says, “$5 to get in? I’m friends with the band. I’m not paying to see my friends!” And the door guy, very frightened, says, “OK OK go in.” Then, “Later that night,” the gorilla is at the bar saying, “$5 for beer, I’ll have 7 more!” Pretty good! –Jim Joyce ([email protected],