KAREN MEAT: You’re an Ugly Person: LP

Jan 30, 2019

Wow, this album is so cute, unfiltered, and real. Intro song “Share a Dinner” is full of Omnichord and drum machine goodness, accompanied by a beautiful guitar. It’s an honest pop song about wanting to take someone out on a date, but being poor, and opting to stare at each other and admire one another instead. Karen Meat (AKA Arin Eaton) believes that “realistically, pop songs should be fun and sad,” a sentiment I can get behind, because as a Sagittarius, I love fun and harsh truth. The song titles are straightforward, and genuine, such as “You’re an Ugly Person,” “A Is for Asshole,” and “Bored on Tour.” I love the way all the beats layer over each other, and the album is very well produced. The guitar riffs on “You’re an Ugly Person” are so good, and fit the composition beautifully. “Overdwelled” is a blunt and direct song to the partner who broke up with Arin in front of their family, calls them out on how they treated her and what a terrible person they are. I wish more people called out their truth in break up songs, because the honesty is refreshing and relatable. Dana Telsrow’s vocals come in on the heavy ’80s-synth influenced “I Thought We Were OK,” and although the lyrics in this song are simple, they describe how many have felt when they thought they were okay in a relationship (friendship or romantic), but things were not. If you are into honesty, synths, pop, and relatable songs, this album is for you. –Cynthia Pinedo (Emotional Response)