KACKLE #14, $7, 5” x 7”, blue, red, and gray printed, 24 pgs.

Jan 30, 2019

Kackle is a 3D zine. Each issue is a different story or idea, but they all feature the familiar red and blue printing of old 3D comics or magazines and include a pair of 3D glasses. This issue (subtitled Prom Queen Werewolf in 3D) reads like a children’s spooky story with a prom queen getting scratched by a werewolf, not noticing it at first, then changing into the beast over the big dance. The concept is cute and I think it would be a great kid’s first zine. (Even though the cover of the zine has a big 18+ rating on it, it’s not all that mature.) Some spelling errors and a few of the jokes are shrug-worthy, but the 3D is well executed. –Tricia Ramos (Kackle, facebook.com/kacklezine)