K7s: Take 1: LP

Sep 17, 2018

Kurt Baker moved to Madrid a number of years ago and has barely looked back. With the demise of The Leftovers, his solo effort did well there, so why not stick around? Sluggin’ it out in North America is a tough racket, so I can’t say I blame him. Spain’s a spectacular country with an even better scene. His newest side-project, K7s, pairs him up with Luis from Shock Treatment (the greatest Spanish band of all time) and José from Airbag. You’d have a hard time finding anyone more properly qualified. Now, the result isn’t totally what I expected. Since Kurt’s solo effort has leaned closer to power pop, I presumed it’d be more of the same. And while it’s not far off, this is full-on, big production Ramones/Teenage Bottlerocket worship. This is slick. So fuckin’ slick, this could pass for a Fat Wreck release. Moreover, the songs are really there. “Listen to My Heart” is so catchy. I’m really picky with this genre, but this record passes the smell test: nothing overly corny, well executed, and catchy. Catch ’em on tour this summer. –Steve Adamyk (Stardumb, stardumbrecords.com)