K. CAMPBELL: Pure Pop for Jaded Punks: CS

Nov 22, 2017

You know what this music is good for? Background noise while I undertake a minutes’-long investigation into who K. Campbell is. I’m still not sure I know—they might be from Pittsburgh, might now live in Texas, might play in another band now. Anyway, whoever K. Campbell is, they made this and it’s not half, or even a quarter, bad. It’s like Elliott Smith joined forces with The Pink Spiders and the result ended up on Burger Records. It would be hard to divide a room with this music—it would also be hard to get a party started with this music. So check it out for the next time you’re cooking dinner or making a picnic playlist or any other situations that require pleasant and inoffensive sounds. Just take it from the first track, “No Cops.” –Nicole X (Poison Moon, poisonmoonrecords.com)