K. CAMPBELL: Breaking Glass: CS

Mar 15, 2022

In gradual and methodical increments, K. Campbell is establishing the most delectable DIY pop catalog on the planet. Sneaking a lathe cut and a cassingle here and there, a sixth page ad… maybe? All of them executed with a fully realized and completely cohesive aesthetic. “Under the radar” is an antiqued term. The radar has crashed. The rules are gone, but the tunes are still buzzing around. It’s up to you if you’re gonna seek ’em out. There are these names that I hear but I’ve never looked ’em up and really listened—Ted Leo, Mike Krol—I don’t know, something about it just always seemed too obvious. It’s hard to indentify with recognition; I’m fighting a holy war for the disregarded and unknown. But if I could wish one thing for K., it would be that whatever remnants of a “radar” are still functioning, these songs would get the blip they deserve. –Daryl (Poison Moon)