Jan 31, 2018

With song titles like “Love Got Me into This Mess,” “I’m in Love with You, Jackass,” and “He Stopped Laughing,” the names tell you everything about the songs and the choruses. This album is more on the classic rock spectrum, and has hints of pop punk. Before I even listened to this album, I read all of the titles and thought that it was about a romance ending in divorce. “Rock and Roll Blackmail” starts off with the line, “You made a promise, or was it just talk? You promised me until death do we rock.” This leads me to believe that there might be some sort of mid-‘90s Tony Kanal-Gwen Stefani relationship/Fleetwood Mac-inspired breakdown going on between Justine and either someone in the band, or an ex band member. This album was not for me, but I would recommend this for fans of 1. Josie And The Pussycats. 2. AC/DC 3. People who like Dolly Parton-influenced vocals on some tracks. 4. Women seeking an edgier breakup soundtrack. ­–Cynthia Pinedo (Rum Bar)