JURASSIC ZINE, $?, 5½” x 8½”, copied, 20 pgs.

Exactly as it says in the description on the first zine: this is a zine for people who like dinosaurs. Right at the heart of zine culture is the fiercely personal, the interests and voices that aren’t reflected in mainstream publishing. I think sometimes a little of the great fun that can be had in that is lost in the contemporary zine world; everything has to be relatable to somebody or pertinent to the cultural zeitgeist in some way. But sometimes, you just want to geek out about dinosaurs or whatever. So sure, there’s not a scathing political commentary here, or a particularly thought-provoking message, but there is a Jurassic World drinking game and I learned some facts about dinosaurs, and it was fun, goddamnit! –jimmy cooper ([email protected], IG @_trashydreams)