Julie A. Ferguson Photo Column - Hold Tight

Jul 09, 2016

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House and basement shows always feel so special to me. From the strong sense of DIY, to seeing the bands you love play small and intimate settings, to the relaxed hangs with friends and flowing kegs of beer, they always make me feel so alive and excited about life. I was going through some older photos and found this one of Jake Guralnik swarmed by Richmond friends. It instantly brought a smile to my face.

This show had a ton of bands, including Sundials, Nona, Close Talker, Old Flings, Captain We’re Sinking, and Hold Tight! Feed The Scene was there cooking delicious meals for the bands and it was also a birthday celebration for multiple people. After all the bands finished, the night was concluded with Hold Tight! playing a Green Day cover set. Everyone crammed back into the basement and sang along.

Unfortunately Hold Tight! are breaking up, but you can catch them one last time at Fest 15 this coming October!