JUDY AND THE JERKS: Roll on Summer Holidays: CS

May 20, 2019

Hardcore loses me here and there with its continued draw towards precision, compression, and professionalism. But we’ll always be glad for bands introducing extra speed into the equation. Judy And The Jerks harness the pace and keep the dose of punk looseness necessary to make songs exciting. There are no ominous interludes of highly distorted chords creating dread, but the pace of the tape leaves no room for lackadaisical dancing. “Fight” starts the tape at a full train-off-the-tracks speed. “Grub Worm” is my favorite: bouncy rhythm doing double duty as both a head nodder and pace keeper. There’s an unlisted cover of Gorilla Biscuits “Biscuit Power” tying the tape together nicely. The vocals are awesome, high-pitched pissed off-ness. HC and punk: we all get along. –Billups Allen (Self-released)